6 Tips for Maximizing Your Light Therapy Device

6 Tips for Maximizing Your Light Therapy Device

Every purchase should aim to provide you with greater value for your money. You can utilize your light therapy device to its full potential in a variety of ways, from combining it with other therapies to just taking good care of it.

Is It Possible To Overuse Your Light Therapy Device?

Light therapy responds strongly to daily, numerous applications, and utilizing it more frequently will yield faster benefits than other skincare treatments. You should use your device for the recommended amount of time for each treatment region as specified in the instructions, which vary from device to device. For optimum results, use your light treatment equipment up to three times daily.

You should test your light treatment gadget to make sure your skin doesn't respond negatively before using it frequently. You can do this by testing the device for no longer than three minutes on your forearm. After two hours, if there is no reaction, you can continue regularly utilizing your light treatment device.

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How much time can you spend using your light therapy device?

Depending on the type of device, there are different guidelines for how long to use LED light treatment. We advise starting at 10 mins and gradually working your way up to 30 mins. Reading the directions and contacting customer service if you have any questions is important.

How to Use Your Light Therapy Device to Its Full Potential

  1. Track progress with before and after photos

Before you start utilizing one of our skincare tools, take a few pictures of your face. For both sides, we advise a fresh, makeup-free appearance with a headshot and profile photo. Repeat the photo process four weeks after using light treatment consistently. Take another batch of pictures after 12 weeks of regular use, then compare the variations. For consistency in your images, take the picture in the same location and at the same time of day.

Changes to your skin, such as the disappearance of acne or the reduction of wrinkles, may be slow because our lights are noninvasive and function from the inside out. However, you'll be glad you kept track of your progress since changes are apparent!

  1. Set reminders

You're occupied. How can a person who is busy find the time to rejuvenate their skin? Obviously, by setting a daily reminder. To ensure that you are getting in your daily skin rejuvenation, set an alert on your phone. Plan your time for your light therapy sessions.

  1. Consistency is key

Consistent light therapy is most effective. Making your light treatment equipment a regular part of your routine is the simplest method to use it consistently.

  1. Start with a clean face

For maximum efficiency while using a light treatment device on your face, you must start by thoroughly cleaning your face. Before using your device, make sure to completely clean your skin, especially if you're using sunscreen or a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. A wide spectrum of light wavelengths are blocked by sunscreen, which can lessen the benefits of your LED light treatment equipment.

  1. Use serums with LED therapy

A lot of skincare items can be used in conjunction with your light therapy device to expedite the procedure if you're looking for quicker results, such as:

  • Vitamin C serum can help brighten your complexion and increase your radiance when used in conjunction with red light treatment.

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  • Retinol: While it was always thought that using retinol and LED light treatment concurrently was not advisable, new research indicates that, when used in the proper sequence, retinol and red light therapy can be combined for the greatest anti-aging results. Prior to using a retinol product, you should always utilize your light therapy device. To avoid any unforeseen skin responses, it is essential to do it.

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  1. Take care of your device

Making the most of your investment in your light treatment items requires taking care of your light therapy device. Even though it might seem apparent, you should always turn off your device when not in use and clean it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

A Regular Part of Your Routine Is Light Therapy

Regardless matter whether it's your morning skincare regimen or your post-workout recuperation, all of our light therapy devices are made to be simple to incorporate into your daily health routine. Utilizing your light treatment device consistently, taking good care of it, and improving its efficiency by combining it with other suggested goods are all simple ways to get the most out of it.