4 Reasons why LED therapy is ideal for men

4 Reasons why LED therapy is ideal for men

LED therapy is for all skin types and for all genders.  And while it's a beneficial modality, LED is also one of the most convenient skin care routines for men.

Here, we break down the 4 perks LED delivers for men.


1. Goodbye Skin Irritation

Skin irritation comes in many forms. Think inflammation, blemishes, and razor burn. Our Mask & Glo Pro helps alleviate all the aforementioned skin issues. But with 10 minutes under the light, 3 to 5 times a week, the complexion is also refreshed and renewed. 

Since LED light therapy helps relieve inflammation, we highly recommend using our
CC Serum to balance your pH post-shave to support your acid mantle from external influences like allergens, and pollution.

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2. More Serotonin, Less Stress

Using our Mask & Glo 7.0, LED light therapy is an antidote to treat and reduce stress. LED boosts serotonin levels (our happy hormone), helps to reset our circadian rhythm, increases the sleep hormone, melatonin, and ignites pockets of nitric oxide, which is just as valuable as vitamin D and present in every single cell in the body. Think of it as therapeutic as it calms any anxieties and helps significantly with better sleep. So get ready to wake up well-rested. 

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3. Quick & Convenient Men's Skincare

LED light therapy is not only a skin reliever and de-stressor, but it's one of the most convenient ways for men to treat their complexion. Whether high or low maintenance, using our Mask & Glo Devices takes a minimum of 10 minutes with or without skincare to receive the full benefits.  

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4. No Pain, More Gain

Our Mask & Glo Devices delivers results without pain and discomfort. LED light therapy stimulates a natural response in human skin that can help temporarily increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, and enhance overall skin appearance.

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