Sunspots Begone! LED Therapy for Sunspots

Sunspots Begone! LED Therapy for Sunspots

Between beach trips, family hikes, and poolside parties, summer can leave us with some wonderful memories. But when that sun-kissed tan fades, we’re often left with the less pleasant reminder of just how damaging the sun can be. 

From skin discoloration (hello, sun spots and freckles!) to crepey, saggy skin, too much sun exposure causes premature aging. Lucky for us, there have been remarkable scientific innovations in the world of cosmetic dermatology. These have resulted in numerous modalities to help reverse UV damage. 

Lucky for us, LED light therapy has been developed to reduce redness and sunspots.

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What are Sunspots?

Sunspots are flat brown spots that develop on areas of your skin that are exposed to the sun. They’re also known as liver spots, though they have nothing to do with your liver. Sunspots are harmless. They are noncancerous and don’t pose any risk to your health or require treatment unless you’re looking to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

There are many professional and at-home treatments that you can use to help fade or remove sunspots. One of the most popular at-home treatments is LED therapy.

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LED therapy for Sunspots

LED light therapy uses light of varying wavelengths to stimulate the skin’s natural healing mechanisms. It’s completely non-invasive and safe to use. For reversing sun-damage, we see the brightest complexions when we use Yellow and White Light. It helps treat inflammatory processes that lead to hyperpigmentation. While white light works deeper, enhancing growth factors and collagen production.

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Remember, not all LED light therapy is created equal. Our Mask & Glo devices are higher powered than those you’ll find at spas or medical spas. It’s significantly more effective. That means better results, sooner.    

Length of Procedure: 20 minutes

Comfort: You won’t feel a thing. You may even fall asleep!

Number of Treatments: daily for 4 weeks for best results

Downtime: None!

Final Results: A full treatment course over 2 months delivers the best results.


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