Is LED Light Therapy Safe for the Thyroid?

Is LED Light Therapy Safe for the Thyroid?

What is LED therapy, how does it work? 

LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy is a non-invasive skin-improvement procedure that penetrates the skin's layers. NASA began researching the effects of LEDs in boosting wound healing in astronauts by assisting cell and tissue growth in the 1990s.

LED light therapy is now widely used by physicians and estheticians to treat a variety of skin conditions. To achieve the best results, skin specialists frequently combine LED light therapy with other treatments such as lotions, ointments, and facials.

LED light treatment is now available in a variety of at-home devices, such as LED masks. You can order yours here.

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The Effects of LED on Thyroid Glands

Studies have shown that red light therapy (RLT) can not only be safe but can also be helpful for the thyroid. 

The placebo-controlled clinical trial showed how RLT was effective at improving thyroid function (increased production of T4) and helped reduce autoimmunity by lowering thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab).  

Another study concluded as well that “the preliminary results indicate that RLT promotes the improvement of thyroid function, as patients experienced a decreased need for LT4, a reduction in TPOAb levels, and an increase in parenchymal echogenicity.”

More Studies on LED and the Thyroid

A long-term follow-up study concluded that RLT has been deemed safe for the treatment of hypothyroidism that is caused by autoimmune thyroiditis.

Additionally, this study showed how RLT can create a “significant increase in serum TGF-β1 levels 30 days post-intervention in the PBM group, thus confirming the anti-inflammatory effect.”

Not only can it improve the health of the thyroid, but science has shown Red Light Therapy to be one of the most effective approaches to aid the body in healing itself from the type of mitochondrial dysfunction caused by EMF.

To sum things up, red light therapy can help increase T4 production, reduce TPO antibodies, reduce inflammation, improve thyroid function, and heal from mitochondrial dysfunction from EMFs. How amazing is that!

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Please note: this post is a compilation of information that is available online through studies posted on the US National Library of Medicine. It does not constitute medical advice. Please always consult your medical provider with any concerns prior to using LED therapy.